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Plumbing Repair in Huntingtown, Maryland and the Surrounding Counties

Paul C. Hayden Jr. & Sons Plumbing & Heating, Inc. of Huntingtown, Maryland, has offered plumbing repair services to the local communities for more than 38 years. Our goal is to bring prompt, courteous, professional plumbing service to our local community and to protect our customers from as much damage as possible. We offer a variety of services to keep your plumbing systems working properly.


Any time your plumbing isn't working properly, it's a potential emergency. Sewage and water backed up in drains can cause severe damage to a variety of items, including your home or office. We offer plumbing repair including:
  • Unclogging Main Sewer Lines
  • Drain Unclogging
  • Pipe Repair and Replacement
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Laundry Tubs
  • Water Heaters
We also lend our plumbing services to remodels, including piping repair and new faucet installation. In addition, we install water conditioners and filters.


Our company offers professional well service that covers all aspects of wells, with the exception of drilling new wells. We can:
  • Replace Pumps
  • Replace Motors
  • Repair all Well Equipment
  • Install Tanks
  • Install Pressure Switches and Gauges
  • Chlorinated Well Systems
Plumber fixing a sink in bathroom - Plumbing service in Huntingtown, MD
 Pipes in the basement - Plumbing service in Huntingtown, MD


Septic systems need to be cleaned often and occasionally replaced. If you need a new septic system for a new construction, or to replace an old system, count on us. We handle everything from the perc test to placing and creating the drain field and installing the pumps. We can also clean and repair the systems.

At least every 3 years, you need to drain your septic tank. This varies based on the size of the home and does occasionally happen more often. We are more than happy to check for you and, if needed, drain it for you when necessary.

Gas and Heating

If you have gas lines in your home or want to install a gas system for heating or cooking, we install or repair gas lines and regulators.

In addition, If you have a hot water boiler or hydronic heating system, rely on us for replacement and repair. This service includes replacement of expansion and relief valves as well as water pressure relief valves.
Contact us today for more information about any of our services, or if you have a plumbing repair problem.